Stuart is a pop up fashion platform created by students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. We invite you to meet the most inspiring people and unexpected movements that challenge the fashion system.


Stuart collects disruptors and showcases fashion’s most interesting creators. 

Stuart questions racism within fashion, by making you aware we might share the same colours in our skin. The freckles on your cheeks could be the same Pantone as the skin of someone else on the other side of the world.

Stuart looks at the issues facing the fashion industry as a whole. 

Pornography – from soft-core to hard-core, gay to straight, female to male – infiltrates and proliferates through fashion. It is as if the fashion industry has a monopoly to exploit sex as a steaming hot marketing tool. In this reverse striptease, Stuart mimics famous fashion advertisements to highlight the sex in the screamer.

Stuart explores the work of disruptors, the revolutionary ideas that will have a lasting impact on fashion. 

Stuart speaks with Maarten Hammer, (studying Astrophysics and Physics at the UvA). He is interested in special gadgets that aid the progress of technology. With his new invention, we don’t need to visit the shops anymore!